Author of “Queen Mother”

angela norton tyler, queen mother, black women, black authors, black female authorsQUEEN MOTHER by Angela Norton Tyler is a charmingly told modern fable that bids the reader to learn from the past and to grow toward a positive future. This author demonstrates an appealing talent for interweaving fantasy and history in thetelling of her moral tale. Teaching life lessons in the guise of a story based in African slavery might prove difficult for a more jaded writer, however, Ms. Norton Tyler manages to create sympathetic characters of even the most selfish and wretched parodies of humanity. Further, she creates a fantasy world that makes her characters possible and their actions probable. In doing so, she focuses her story on seven primary points that are the cornerstones of a life well-lived.

My personal favorite among her eloquent points is that, “it is important to use your time wisely, but time is not a wet rag to be wrung dry…”

QUEEN MOTHER is a quick, easy, and worthwhile read.

I enjoyed QUEEN MOTHER tremendously, and look forward to more from this talented author.- – Gail Mc Farland, Author

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